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โปร โม ชั่ น แทง บอล ฟรี การพนันฟรี

  • Intersections brings the world to Mount Royal
    Group exhibit is part of the Exposure Photography Festival


  • World Wetlands Day Symposium tackles biodiversity
    Academics, conservation groups, industry, government and students come together


  • Making Canada’s parks inclusive
    Students support efforts to connect more people to nature


  • Crowchild Classic 2020 hits the back of the net
    Calgary’s university athletes thrill on ice


  • Providing a direct link to the workforce
    Networking Day provides hundreds with crucial advice and contacts


  • Conservatory students can now earn degrees at home
    Memorandum of Understanding signed with Ambrose University


Public policy and nuclear science unite

An innovative inter-disciplinary course taught by a chemistry professor and a policy studies professor has caught the attention of the Nuclear Energy Agency

In an emergency, call a (former) Cougar

The outrageous Battle of Alberta hockey match last weekend put the spotlight on alumnus Colin Cooper's moonlighting gig as the Saddledome's emergency goalie


Honouring Mount Royal's fallen students

Celebrate their lives by giving to students of the future


Rooted in YYC

Mount Royal grad grows local food and business


This is research at Mount Royal

Mount Royal University's professors are connecting with industry partners and their communities to challenge long-held beliefs, improve student wellness and introduce progressive policies for workplaces and the planet

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